Who is Israel in the Book of Revelation? – A study of Romans 9 and 11

This is a study of Romans 9 and 11, but the purpose is to determine who Israel in the Book of Revelation is. This article concludes that, in Paul’s day, God elected a remnant from Israel but included believing Gentiles into this chosen remnant. This is the definition of “Israel” which we should take with us to the book of Revelation, for the interpretation of the Jewish symbols in that book.
Furthermore, God did not annul His word. Israel’s promises and covenants remain, but now belong to this chosen remnant. Israel’s promises and covenants, therefore, now also belong to believing Gentiles. The NT did not replace the OT but is built on the foundation of the OT. Everything in the OT is still valid, except to the extent that the NT announces specific changes. The chosen remnant is a continuation of the chosen nation of the Old Testament; not a new entity with new founding principles.