Did Arius mix theology with pagan philosophy?

Over the centuries, Arius was always accused of mixing philosophy with theology. This article shows that that is not true. Arius did use principles from philosophy, but not more than any other theologian. In fact, the opposite is true: According to R.P.C. Hanson, it was the Cappadocian fathers, who developed pro-Nicene theology and the Trinity doctrine late in the fourth century, who were deeply influenced by philosophy.

Why the Arian Controversy is named after Arius

The expression ‘the Arian Controversy’ is a serious misnomer. The textbook picture of an Arian system, inspired by the teachings of the Alexandrian presbyter, was invented by Athanasius. He was determined to show that any proposed alternative to the Nicene formula collapsed back into some version of Arius’ teaching, with all the incoherence and inadequacy that teaching displayed.