3 Replies to “The real dispute and main meaning of the Nicene Creed of AD 325”

  1. Thank you for your time to reply . We appreciate your answer. We read and reread your explanations of Daniel and Revelation and it gives us a better understanding of these 2 bible books. God bless your ministry.

  2. Dear Andries , about the sabbath. In Exodus 31 verse 12 and again in verse 17 it says : it will be a sign between me and the Israelites forever . ( gentiles are exempt .) ?

    1. Hi
      I think that depends on what the New Testament says. We should always allow the newer testament to explain the older testament. One day, I want to do proper research on the Sabbath matter, but in my current view, the Church is a continuation of the (true) Israel of the Old Testament.

      On a practical level, the Sabbath probably was regarded as the most important of the Jewish commandment. The church originated as a sect of Judaism, keeping all the Jewish laws. See Early Church. If the Church abrogated Sabbath-keeping during the lifetime of the apostles, it would have been recorded as a massive controversy be in the Bible, but we see none of it.

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