Who confirms the covenant in Daniel 9:27; the Christ or the Antichrist?

Who confirms the covenant; the Christ or the Antichrist? The prophecy’s poetic pattern and messianic nature indicate that it is the Christ. As discussed, He confirms God’s covenant with Israel. It cannot be the prince, for he is a supernatural being.

Who is the “he” in Daniel 9 who will confirm the covenant for one week?

Who will confirm the covenant?  The possible antecedents are the Messiah and the prince.  To identify the correct antecedent, consider: (1) The central role of the covenant in Daniel 9, (2) The Poetic Pattern, (3) The word repetition in Daniel 9, (4) Who the Dominant Figure in Daniel 9 is, (5) What ‘a prince’ of a nation is in Daniel, and (6) Whether the Messiah Jesus put an end to sacrifices.