Babylon the great strives to unite the world against God.

The purpose of this current article series is to identify Babylon the great. This first article discusses some general characteristics. It concludes that Babylon corrupts the people and unites the world against God. It is worldwide and always exists. Babylon is not another mighty world ruler and it is not some amorphous entity such as the power of money but symbolizes something specific. Subsequent articles will propose an identification and evaluate alternative theories of her identity.

Babylon the Great always exists and symbolizes a timeless principle.

This is an article in the series on the identity of “Babylon the Great” (Revelation 17:5). The purpose of the current article is to explain the relationship between Babylon and the evil characters in Revelation 13, namely the dragon, the beast from the sea, the false prophet, and the image of the beast.
It concludes that Babylon always exists. Babylon symbolizes A TIMELESS PRINCIPLE, namely that religion always rules over the rulers of the world to silence her opponents. The four entities in Revelation 13 are specific time-limited organizations and specific instances of the Babylonian principle.