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Table of Contents of the Articles on Christ’s Return

Second Coming in the New Testament – When and how will Jesus return, and what will happen? – An analysis of the Second Coming verses in the New Testament to determine what Jesus meant when He said He will come soon.

Return of Christ in the book of Revelation – The Return of Christ in the Seven Last Plagues in the book of Revelation – The Return of Christ will not be an isolated event, but will be preceded and followed by a series of profound events; the “Day of the Lord”.

The End of the Age – What did Jesus mean by the End of the Age? – The end of the age is the return of Christ, when those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, and when those who commit lawlessness are thrown into the furnace of fire, while the righteous receive everlasting life.

This generation will not pass away – Who is “this generation” that will not pass away until all these things take place? – An analysis of how the gospels use the phrase “this generation”

Little Apocalypse – The Little Apocalypse; distinguish between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Return of Christ – An analysis of Christ’s teachings with respect to end-time events, as recorded in the Little Apocalypse

Little Apocalypse Support – The Olivet discourse: The Destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and the Return of Christ –

Matthew 10:23 – “You will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes”.  What is the meaning of the phrase, “the Son of Man comes” in Matthew 10:23?

What is the “Kingdom of God”? – A study of the phrase “kingdom of God” in the New Testament

Some standing here will not die – An analysis of the phrase “the Son of Man coming in His kingdom” in Matthew 16:28 – Does this refer to Christ’s Physical Return?

The Lord is coming soon – Jesus said and His disciples believed that the Lord is coming soon. – Shows that the entire New Testament teaches that the Lord is coming soon.

Was His promise to return soon was fulfilled in His Resurrection, Ascension and Enthronement? – The Apostles still expected His soon coming after His resurrection and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Was His promise to soon return fulfilled in the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70? – Or was A.D. 70 merely a type of the fullest destruction at the return of Christ, or only the consequence of the end of God’s covenant with Israel?

Why did He Not Return in the First Century as He promised? – The 490 Years of Daniel 9 and Christ’s Return – Christ’s Return was promised before some of His hearers have died.  Starting with the dispensational view of why this promise did not come true, this article analyses the 490 years of Daniel 9 to develop an understanding of the delay in Christ’s Return.

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