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  1. I QUOTE FROM YOUR WEBSITE: ‘Eusebius of Caesarea, the most scholarly bishop of his day, immediately after the end of the council, wrote that the word homoousios was inserted into the Creed because Emperor Constantine insisted on it. (See – Eusebius’ letter.)’


    1. Helen, did you see my article on Eusebius’ letter? See https://revelationbyjesuschrist.com/eusebius-of-caesarea/
      Eusebius wrote, and I quote from that article: “He (the emperor) exhorted all present to give them their assent and subscribe to these very articles (as proposed by Eusebius), thus agreeing in a unanimous profession of them—with the insertion, however, of that single word, homoousios.” See my further arguments in that article.

      We must always remember that, in the fourth century “If we ask the question, what was considered to constitute the ultimate authority in doctrine during the period reviewed in these pages, there can be only one answer. The will of the Emperor was the final authority.” (RH, 849)

      RH = Bishop RPC Hanson
      The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God –
      The Arian Controversy 318-381, 1987

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