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JustifiedThe Jews claimed that man is “justified by the works of the Law” but Paul taught a different law (the Law of Christ) and a different means of justification, namely by grace through faith. However, God judges our deeds.

How sinners are justified was the great controversy in the Church in Paul’s day. Today we agree that sinners are justified by grace through faith but we still disagree about HOW sinners are made just. “Justified” is one of many metaphors that describe salvation, such as ransomed or redeemed. We should not emphasize one metaphor over another or interpret them unduly literally.

Through faith in Christ” consists of two concepts; Faith in God and a mysterious unity between Christ and the believer. He is the Vehicle through which God rescues us from this present evil age.

Moses taught that Jews will “live by” obedience to the Law, but Paul was fond of Habakkuk, who stated that Jews will “live by” faith. “Live by” is an Old Testament expression that is equivalent to the New Testament concept of being justified.

For general discussions of theology, I recommend Graham Maxwell, who you will find on the Pineknoll website.

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