List of articles on the Seven Seals, with brief descriptions


Revelation 4:1-8 – Verse-by-verse
These verses provide a visual and timeless description of God’s throne room.

The 24 elders
The 24 elders in God’s throne room are people. The number 12, and, therefore, the number 24, is associated with God’s people. By applying Old Testament imaginary to the church, Revelation merges God’s people from the Old and New Testaments into a single entity. For that reason, the 24 elders represent God’s people from all dispensations.

Revelation 4:8-11 – Verse-by-verse
These verses describe the worship in God’s presence. This article also discusses the worship in Revelation 5, after Jesus appears on the throne and receives glory equal with the Father. Does this mean that Jesus is God; equal with the Father?


Revelation 5 is Christ’s enthronement after His ascension.
Revelation 5 presents a specific historical event. It is not an end-time event. It describes what happened in heaven after Christ’s ascension; 2000 years ago. This conclusion is critical for the interpretation of the seals. It means that Revelation 4:1 is not the rapture and that the seals in Revelation 6 begin at the cross and describe the Chursh age.

The sealed book in Revelation 5 is the Lamb’s Book of Life.
The book that is sealed with seven seals represents things that are not understood. The Cross made Jesus worthy to remove the things that prevent the created beings from understanding. This article identifies this book as the book of life, containing the names of the redeemed. This conclusion is also critical for the interpretation of the seven seals.

The book which not even God can open
This discusses the implications of the conclusion that the sealed book is the book of life, such as:
 – Why are God’s judgments not understood?
 – Why could God not explain His judgments?
 – Why was Jesus not “worthy” to open the book before His death?
 – How did His death make Him worthy?
This is possibly the most important article in this series.

Revelation 5 – verse by verse
This article provides us with the true Theory of the Atonement. Satan accused God of bad judgment and Jesus of telling lies. The angels were unable to fault Satan’s logic. Without a solution, evil must remain forever. Christ became a man to allow Satan to test His character. He remained faithful to God, even to death. This revealed Him to be “worthy” to show that God’s judgments are perfect.


The First Seal
In the preterist view, this is the Parthians, who attacked the Roman Empire on white horses. In the Dispensational interpretation, this is the antichrist. This article interprets this as the gospel and the rider as Christ.


Seals two to four
The four horsemen form a unit, which means that these seals stand is a cause-consequence relationship:

    • The white horse, which will never stop conquering, is the gospel.
    • The red horse is the persecution of God’s people that follows when the gospel is rejected.
    • The black horse is famine of the Word of God that follows the persecution of God’s people.
    • And the pale horse is spiritual death; permanent exclusion from mercy.

Fifth seal
Souls under the altar cry out for revenge. They are not people that went to heaven in a bodiless state. The souls receive white robes. According to Rev 7:14, God’s people wash their own robes. This article shows that people are both judged by their deeds and saved by grace. God’s end-time people will be made complete in terms of character.

The Fifth Seal begins the Time of the End.
The fifth seal is a specific point in history when many of God’s people have died for their faith, but many more will die there-after. This is the beginning of “the time of the end” (Daniel 12:4) when Daniel’s prophecies will become understood and preached, but, in response, they will finish shattering the power of the holy people.” 

The sixth seal
This seal is creation in reverse: Everything is destroyed. It is not yet the end, for the people still hide, while they will be killed when Christ returns. But it brings us to the brink of His return, as indicated by the multiple allusions to the Day of the Lord, the phrase “great day,” the “great earthquake” which moves mountains, the signs in the sun, moon and stars, and the people hiding in the mountains.

This article is WIP.



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  1. Great revelations indeed..

    I just want to confirm something Andries. “The New Testament links Jesus’s glorification at the Father’s right hand to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, about ten days after His ascension:”

    The time from when Jesus ate Passover, crucifixion, resurrection on 8th day (Sunday), is it not counted from the 8th day till after 40 days making 48 days already and then after two days it makes 50 for Pentecost, that we can say “about two days after His ascension”?

    I looked at Leviticus 23vs4-16. It describes seven sabbaths counting from Passover, which was on sabbath evening on the 14th day of that 1st month. (We can say that every year started on Sunday-1st day for God)

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