Why the title of this website is Revelation “by” and not “of” Jesus Christ

Jesus in Revelation 1
Jesus appearing between the seven golden candlesticks

The official name of the last book of the Bible is “The Revelation OF Jesus Christ.“  Many commentators understand this to mean that this is a revelation ABOUT Jesus Christ, because of the wonderful revelations of which we find in the book. However, the book is clear; the purpose is “to show to His bond-servants, the things which must soon take place” (Rev 1:1).

This is, therefore, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ“ in the sense that it has been provided by Him. Of all the books in the Bible, this book came to us with the least interference by man. John just wrote down what he heard and saw. He did not even try to interpret it.

We, therefore, have books by Paul and John and Luke and many other men. There is only one book directly by Jesus Christ.

A good place to start reading the articles on this website may be Daniel 2. The prophecies of Daniel are the foundation on which Revelation has been built. Without a correct understanding of Daniel, the reader will not be able to interpret Revelation correctly. 

Alternatively, perhaps the reader wants to start by reading Daniel 9.  The 70th week van Daniel 9 is important in the eschatology of many Christians.


Of all the books in the Bible, Revelation came to us with the least interference by man.

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