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In this world, there are so many forces compelling us NOT to believe, but if we open our ‘spiritual eyes’, we will see that we are surrounded by an infinity of miracles:

    • When we go to the micro world, we never reach the end of wonders.
    • There is also no end to the macro universe; the stars and galaxies.
    • In this world alone, for example in our own bodies, we are surrounded by an infinity of miracles.
    • Scientists say that time began 13,000 billion years ago and the Bible promises that time will never end.

While we are surrounded by infinity, mankind’s attention is focused on the superficial aspects of the world around us. My faith is based on this infinity of miracles but I accept the Bible as God’s message to His creation.

This website does not reflect the views of any specific denomination or church. I do not have any formal theological qualifications and I do not attend any church. One reason is that I find social contact a bit stressful. But I have always had a love and deep respect for the Bible and, being an analytical person, I like to do these in-depth studies. But I also tend to be very independent, and some of my conclusions infuriate some people. This year (2023) I will turn 71.

Formal Training

But should a person without theological training attempt to teach others about the Bible?  Although I have no formal Bible training, I have been studying the Bible for many decades and continue every day. I listen to mp3s sermons and discussions whenever I can. I download material from the internet and try to read and organize the thoughts carefully.

Perhaps the fact that I have no formal theological training is my greatest asset. After many years of listening to many views, I have come to the conclusion that very few people study their Bibles to form their own opinions. In my view, the vast majority of Christians are indoctrinated from childhood into a particular view of the Bible.

True Education  

True education teaches people HOW to think for themselves, but the enemy has successfully converted our institutions of higher learning into places of indoctrination, teaching people WHAT to think.


I was born in 1952, qualified as an accountant, and worked as a financial manager in government in Cape Town, South Africa.  I have a severely autistic daughter and a very gifted daughter that produced two delightful granddaughters; Anja and Mia.

Work Method

My work method is to select a subject, then download a selection of good material and mp3s from the internet from all schools of thought. I would listen to a speaker over and over until I feel I know where he or she departs from the truth. But, as already mentioned, I also spend much time on the Bible text itself. I spend much time trying to make my conclusions as easy as possible to understand, given my limited English vocabulary. It feels as if I sometimes rewrite articles 50 times before they are ready.  But I enjoy what I do.

Thanks for visiting my site.  I sincerely hope it helped. If you want, you may contact me at . May the Spirit of God lead you into all truth.


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  1. Thank you so much for all of this
    So impressive! Helpful! … Reading about Trinity doctrine, debate over Nicene creed. … just wonderful. Please lets think of ways to share with more people and preserve through time.

  2. I am teaching through Daniel and have so appreciated your explorations of Scripture and your analysis of various points of view. Thanks for lending your brain and Spirit to all of us as we work together in and for the King.

  3. You perform a lot of calculations that encompass Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy, taking timing at the end 7 years from Jesus’s baptism, up to and beyond Pentecost, thence to Stephen’s stoning.

    How do you know that this period of Christ’s ministry was 3½ years – you don’t question it?

    Jesus attended Jerusalem for all the Festivals, because he didn’t come to change a ‘jot or tittle but to fulfill’. But he only attend 2 Passover Feasts after his baptism.

    There is reference to another Passover in John 6:4, a phrase allegedly inserted by Roman Catholic ‘bishop’ Eusebius. However it is sandwiched between the two ‘leavened bread’ multitude feeding events, at which Pharisees were also present, noting that Passover specifically includes the need to eat unleavened bread for a week.

    So, to summarise: multiple use of leavened bread, sandwiching an ‘inserted sentence’ about lowercase ‘passover’, miles from Jerusalem, with Jesus, Jews, and Pharisees all in attendance, non of whom are showing any inclination at either of the miraculous feeding events to be en route to Jerusalem, added to which there are codex that don’t include John 6:4.

    Assume this is correct – even if you disagree: what is the impact on the ‘final 7 years’ of Daniel?

    1. Hi Dominic

      Yes, I accept the traditional view that Jesus’ ministry on earth was for 3½ years. I know there is uncertainty about this but these things happened a long time ago and nobody knows for sure in what year Jesus was baptized, when He died, or when Stephen was killed. I prefer to take it the other way round, namely that Daniel 9 CONFIRMS that Jesus’ ministry was for 3½ years.

      Dispensationalism makes even more precise calculations. They even count DAYS! They are very precise but also very wrong, in my view. I’d rather be more or less right than precisely wrong. What I mean is that the evidence that supports the traditional reading of Daniel 9, as defended by this website, is far too strong to be set aside by the uncertainty over the length of Jesus’ ministry.

  4. Hi Mr. Andries, I accidentally came across your page when i was looking for a topic, It caught my attention and I am interested to read more of your teaching topics. Thank you and would hear more from you. God bless

  5. Good work done. You are very honest,it is good you are not indoctrinated God bless you.I am using your material as a research work to test the doctrines in my church.

  6. Beloved brother . Greetings to you in His wonderful name…I’m Pastor Prasanna Kumar founder and senior Pastor of Independent Bible Church at Hyderabad city in India. I’m interested in your articles which are really useful for any who serves the Lord to teach and preach in churches and for the personal edification as well.. I really appreciate your contributions to the Christendom. God bless you

  7. Shabbath Shalom to you my friend. Though I do not know your name, yet I consider you as a friend. Thank you for your contributions in sharing about the Sabbath. Looking forward to have a communication with you soon. I am Dick Perlas from Manila, Philippines.

  8. I’m new to this site, John 14:26 for you, your study on Romans 16:25 would interest me.

  9. Andries thank you for a very helpful and informative website with a refreshing and balanced perspective on these Scriptures. It has helped me greatly in settling questions I have had for years resulting from biased perspectives in my early years as a believer. The Lord continue to guide you on this journey and reveal His intents and purposes for believers and thank you for sharing it.
    Delighted to hear you are in the same city

  10. I just came across your website today. When I read your bio, I thought I was reading about myself! I have the same ambition that you do, although my path is slightly different. I also have the same theological training (no formal training). However I have been associated with three different denominations. Blessings to you my friend and may the Lord greatly bless you and use you for His glory!

  11. Dear Andries, God bless you for your un-denominational approach, and for taking just the Scriptures. I’m especially blessed by your study of the first 30 years of the Church being a sect of Judaism, from which the Apostle Paul had to bring them into Grace. Tremendous! I’m 56 years old, and I laid aside medicine a few years ago to pastor an independent non-denominational Church in London, based purely on God’s Word.

  12. Thank you so much sir. I been blessed by this website. Today has been my first time visiting this website. My name is Houstien Ntale from Kampala Uganda. I’m a minister in a ministry called word of God fire ministries & our ministry is based on end time message. So I real need your articles. Would like to keep in touch with you always. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Houstien, I do not normally reply to comments, but your comment has stirred my heart. I am so thankful to be able to make a contribution to God’s kingdom through you. I just pray that the Lord will lead me to say what is right. Andries

  13. I’m just in love with yo revelations coz they are in harmony with the scriptures may you live longer,amen!

  14. sir a pleasant day, thank you so much for this website, I appreciate it much. it’s a big help in my studies. i am a theologian student. look for a book called . the great controversy, i guarantee , that book could help you… God bless..

  15. The articles I have read thus far clearly show that we have much understandings/positions in prophecy in common and that the Lord is using you wonderfully. Your spiritual perceptions are clear, well-balanced and honest, which I really appreciate. You have sieved through the rubbish out there and have rescued truth from them in its unadulterated purity .(The seven heads of Rev.17, the 144000 and the Great multitude, the Seals and the trumpets, etc). Though miles apart, the Spirit of God is leading to his final messages for the finishing of the work. I am a Minister of an independent ministry “Truth for the Final Generation” in the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. Keep up the good work.

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